Technical Service Representative

This position is on the Paint Line at an Automotive Plant
First Shift - Must pass a drug test, background check, education check.
FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE - Ensure Automotive Coatings customer satisfaction by providing technical service in customer plant on a wide range of products and application techniques.
Will frequently have to adjust batches of paint on-line and the most important attribute is that they must see subtle color differences.
Our TSSR's are also responsible for monitoring production requiring a basic understanding of lab equipment and data collection. Good written and verbal skills are must haves. Most everything else can be taught on-site.
1. Establish strong customer relationships with customer paint shop employees and managers.
2. Provide timely resolution to customer's concerns, and quick troubleshooting of coatings problems.
3. Data collection with hand held instruments
4. Review vehicle quality, aid customer in resolving issues
5. Review process conformance
6. Inventory tracking and forecasting when required to provide the customer with an adequate supply of paint
7. Communication of issues - both internally to PPG and to customer
High school degree and related work experience. Desired:
College degree in chemistry, general science, or a related discipline. 0-12 years in a technical setting or automotive assembly plant environment.

Good written and oral communication skills. Waterborne, Solventbornet, Powder, and Electrocoat technology experience preferred. Strong computer skills, analytical skills, and attention to detail are required.
Acts as technical expert to explain products and answer questions and concerns. Responsible for ensuring that customers receive an adequate level of service or help with their questions and concerns.

Don't Be Fooled

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