Technical Ladder/ Weld Equipment Engineer Project Support

Position Description
Technical Ladder
Weld Equipment Engineer Project Support
Duties and Responsibilities
Create specification for equipment suppliers
Coordinate equipment installs ensuring all paperwork in place and work taking place in a safe manner
Fill out equipment acceptance check lists for all equipment and in doing so create punch lists and work with suppliers until all items completed
Support system up and understand equipment to a level can train others on the operation, troubleshooting, and recovery of the equipment
Create and or support creation of RISK assessments, FMEA assessments, and preventative maintenance requirements, how to perform and frequency
Measure equipment cycles times to ensure original specifications are being met
Analyze run rates, and product through put of equipment
Recommend final buy off of equipment once all punch list and original equipment A00s have been met while present during install making notes of all modified items and later ensuring all documentation whether hardware, software or detail drawings get updated with all on-site modifications
Develop and implement countermeasure to reduce the repetitive problems related to Safety, Quality, & Productivity
Develop and implement activity plans for project and rotate PDCA including budget, specification, schedule, management, start-up, evaluation and presentations
Minimum Job Relevant Knowledge
Ability to read & understand technical drawings/CAD or related experience
Knowledge of machine components and operation
Understanding of machine programs and settings
Strong problem solving skills
2 years of experience with body shop welding equipment
Daily Task Performed
As the project progresses the daily task change moving down the above list of duties and responsibilities
Minimum Job Relevant Experience
2 years working with Welding Equipment
Degree/Certification Required
Required Skills
2 years working with equipment (not just loading parts)
Desired Skills and Abilities
Very organized, can maintain paperwork, self-starter
Environment candidate will be working in:
Office/Production Floor
Estimated weekly overtime: - 5 hours plus odd weekend
Frequency and duration of travel: I per quarter average

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