PNM PQ Supplier Quality Rep

Technical Ladder
Job Title/PNM PQ Supplier Quality Rep
Prioritized duties and Responsibilities
Manage supplier quality and related activities, which affect Honda.
Assist Suppliers in the development of their operational characteristics through situational appraisals and creation/development of supplier improvements plans.
Understand how supplier quality affects the vehicle and market and implement plans for continuous improvement of supplier processes.
Utilize efficient problem solving strategies to identify root cause.
Manage Parts Quality issues including at the spot problem solving response, containment problem investigation, root cause analysis, driving and evaluating temporary and permanent countermeasures and ensure long-term countermeasure effectiveness.
Utilize Honda drawings and standards to verify part accuracy.
Aid in production by establishing containment of escaped part problems.
Manage supplier change points to ensure no negative impact to CBU quality or Honda process.
Use at the Spot investigations to understand issues and to gather facts about the problem.
Generate technical reports to capture investigation and to communicate issues to other HMA departments.
Make visits to suppliers to support supplier development and/or root cause and c/m activity.
Daily Tasks Performed
Efficient and technical diagnosis of part problems including at the spot problem investigation and analysis.
Preparation of technical reports and presentations.
Supplier visits to support supplier development and/or root cause & Counter Measure activity (sometimes short notice).
Effective communication to internal customers (verbal & written).
Total measurement of quality problems or potential quality problems.
Evaluate supplier change points and effectively manage requirements to ensure no negative impacts to CBU quality or Honda process.
Support all HMA production departments in the investigation of potential supplier part problems.
Minimum Job Relevant Knowledge
Problem solving, presentation and technical writing skills.
Good communication skills (verbal and non-verbal).
Process auditing skills.
Knowledge and use of various Quality Assurance tools.
Ability to read and understand technical drawings and specifications.
Minimum Job Relevant Experience
Proven previous experience leading problem solving activities/teams.
2 years of experience with Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel.
2 years of experience working with quality controls in a Manufacturing Process.
Degree or certification required
Bachelors degree in ME, IE, or Manufacturing Technology or Relevant work experience in Quality in the Manufacturing field.
Other Technical degrees related to manufacturing, and electrical backgrounds will be considered.
Required Skills
Must be able to present technical information to both HMA and supplier management.
Should be able to create PowerPoint presentations and sell ideas.
Lead projects and drive process/system improvement plans.
Utilize PDCA cycle to create and drive Quality improvements at suppliers.
Must be flexible and able to work in a fast paced environment.
Able to travel on short notice.
Desired Skills and Abilities
Ability to analyze and confirm part functions using techniques/tools (Precision tools, CMM, Part Fixturing, ND testing).
Supplier Development experience.
General knowledge of Stamping, welding, and auditing.
CAD experience (Preferably CATIA).
Strong organization/documentation skills.
Environment Associate will work in
Office, Suppliers.
Estimates Weekly Overtime
5-10 hours/week.
Frequency of Travel
1-3 trips/month

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