Product Engineering Associate

Position Description
Product Engineering Associate
Lead problem solving through new model development.
Design change coordination for manufacturing (ex. ? new tech, assembly, process, new regulations, safety etc.) problem prevention.
Completed Body Unite, parts drawing checks and change points maturation.
Lead technician theme meetings and analysis using Honda system.
Full Tolerance studies
Confirm past problem history to prevent repeated problems
Window person through R&D and plant
Complete New Model testing and evolution by executing test plan and CBU spec confirmation and issues full test report and/if any problems found
Lead problem solving with market issues
Lead market warranty return parts analysis include test, and investigation and plan
Dealer calls, visit, and necessary documentation and technical reports
Lead problem solving with current Mass Production issues
Lead complex problem analysis with parts/design layouts or overlay and / investigations
Provide technical support and technical recommendations for complex problems
Stop over flow problems into market with quick/effective countermeasures
Daily Task Performed
Create/submit test reports to document all New Model, Mass Production, and Market issues
Present status reports to Dept. Mgmt and Project Leads as required
Ability to effectively communicate/present to mgmt. when required
Exhibits strong level of commitment to timely problem solving and dedication to completion of all assigned task
Project or problem investigation travel maybe required
Minimum Job Relevant Knowledge
Complex problem solving skills
Knowledge of basic measurement tools
Automotive manufacturing related analysis throughout CAD system
Minimum Job Relevant Experience-(Type & Length of Time)
2 years Automotive Manufacturing or Quality analysis experience
Education/Degree Certification Required
BS Engineering (ME, EE, and/or IE preferred) or equivalent manufacturing work experience
Required Skills
Complex problem solving skills and presentation experience
Knowledge of basic automotive systems/functions
Computer experience (Excel, Power Point, CAD/CATIA)
Automotive manufacturing related analysis through CATIA layout
Planning and organizing skills
Desired Skills and Abilities
Planning and organizational skills
CAD system knowledge
Computer experience (Excel, Powerpoint, CAD/Catia)
Additional Work Factors
Environment candidates will be working in: Office/Production/QA Building
Estimated amount of overtime: 2-4 hours
Frequency, average duration of travel: as needed

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